Press Reviews


"Very cool band, very cool sound!"

-Robert M. Knight, Legendary Music Photographer

"Fans of rock will find themselves hooked on the magic that is Varna. In fact, Varna deserves to have a genre named after them."

Denise Kang - Moshin' Magazine


"There is no f*cking reason Varna aren't r*ping the sh*t out of rock radio right now. They have the sound down f*cking pat, they obviously know their market."

- Joel Frieders,



 “Along comes Varna, who combines the things that are really good about both. The music is heavy enough to be considered metal, yet radio friendly at the same time. The band plays really well and with some well done female vocals, this thing is all killer-no filler.”

-Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur - 100% Rock Magazine


“Varna have released one EP titled ‘This Time, Its Personal’, and it is a killer EP. 3 tracks that are all begging for huge commercial success. If it was possible to buy shares in bands on the stockmarket, I would be putting a bit of my hard earned cash into Los Angeles’ three piece rock monster, Varna.”

-Craig Shepherd, Music Discovery Lounge


Bottom line is that "This Time, It's Personal" is a simply fantastic EP by VARNA that impressed me and left me hungry for more! Yes, this band is so talented and that's a thing that reflects in its music. I'm looking forward to a full-length album in the near future 'cause this band is build for bigger things!

-Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10


"VARNA have a great commercial rock sound but at the same time they still have their own sound that stands out from the rock crowd. This lady (Tiana) can REALLY sing and I have to admit, she has one of the best female rock vocals I have heard in a while. In my opinion she is up there with some of todays great female rockers like Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)." 

-Jim, My Random Jukebox


"Here is a band that grabs hold of your attention with their hardcore instrumental. They become one of those artists on repeat with their invigorating lyrics. Varna will be one of those potentially memorable bands because they just know how to do it right!"

-Rachel, UMusicians


"I love all the songs! Down is by far my favourite track off the EP, it is both soft and hard at the same time and incredibly catchy! That gorgeous voice and guitar completely won me over!"

-Caesar, Caesar Live N' Loud


"Varna. What can I say about this band other than WOW. I’ve had their new “This Time, It’s Personal” EP on repeat almost the entire week, a pretty astonishing feat for any track in my library. A hard rock edge, catchy female vocals, intricate guitar work and solid drums; a perfect mix in my book. I have a good feeling about this band going into the future."

-Mitchell DeYoung, Just Music Media


"I highly suggest you grab a copy as soon as you can, "This Time It's Personal" is here to grow on us, feed on us, and become a "secret smash hit" that will one day, become a force to be reckoned with, know the name, Varna.  They are here to stay."

-Jason Thompson, The Vacant



"Developing their own brand of hard-rock meets pop..Varna will certainly gain notoriety in today's music scene."

- Kraig Whitehair, Forever Indie


"Tiana's vocals blow it out of the water. She's has an amazingly powerful voice, so loud, clear and with obvious emotion, I'd love to be able to sing along side her as the song plays but I could never compete with her range."

- Emma Poynter-Keenan, An Unsigned World


"VARNA realize the importance of the fan-musician relationship."

- Unsigned, Unsigned Corner


"The future is very bright for the band and fans will be itching to get their hands on new music."

- Bryan Swann, Barebones Entertainment


"VARNA, has caught our attention..Fact is, VARNA knows how to make good music and are definitely worth your listening time."

- Euntaek Ga, Silent Attraction


"Their debut single, 'Down' is a pedal down rock anthem that never once lets up. A 3 song EP always leaves the listeners wanting more and more. VARNA's future is bright. Look for more from this LA band." 

-Aaron Mannari, Lemonade Mag


"VARNA is definitely a band that will get any rock fan’s attention.The sky is truly the limit for these talented individuals as they continue to make music to rock the earbuds right outta our heads!"

-Kara K.,


"Drawing on influences from pop to hard rock, they've found a way to meld them together in perfect harmony and sound like a band that's been together far longer than the 3 years they have under their belts together." 

-Los, My Indie Music Blog


"Here we have an interesting three tracker that if the quality here was extended to a full length album, then we would be talking massive. This is rather good, it should not be ignored and as a consequence deserves one's attention."

-Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music UK (9/10)


"Varna impressively show that there is definitely more than just talent in this band. Three high quality songs already are enough to make me a fan of this band (something that no band managed before."

-Dan, New Rock Reviews International


"Varna may have just released their debut EP, but they clearly already know what they’re doing. With strong female vocals, thrashing guitars and pounding drums, Varna introduces themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Varna sounds amazing, and that’s an understatement. In three songs, rock fans can fall head over heels in love with this edgy three-piece."

-Sarah, Truth or Sarah